Brooklyn Core Oral History

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This archive presents the oral history of the Brooklyn chapter of CORE through recordings with key members recounting the major campaigns from 1960-1966.

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Arnold Goldwag joined CORE in the early 1960s when he was a student at Brooklyn College. He was part of CORE’s first sympathy strikes at Woolworths, Ebinger’s demonstrations and actions at Downstate. He became a central member of the group and in…

Rioghan Kirchner joined CORE after reading about its housing campaigns in the local newspapers. She expected she would be doing clerical work, but ended up becoming one of their white testers. Her first experience as a white tester was a disaster but…

WWII veteran and skilled construction laborer, Gilbert Banks joined CORE during the Ebinger’s campaign because of the extreme difficulty he experienced getting unionized construction jobs.

In this recording, Banks discusses his early life in…
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